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Corinthian Class

Corinthian Class

Beginning in 2009, PHRF approved a Corinthian class for true "dual purpose" boats. Boats must conform to the following criteria to race in the PHRF Corinthian class, when offered by the Race Instructions:

PHRF Corinthian Class. These rules establish a set of requirements for true 'dual purpose boats' oriented to racing with family and friends and eliminating the 'arms race' present in the unlimited classes. It is the responsibility of the skipper to ensure that their boat meets both the letter and the intent of these rules in a Corinthian manner.

  • Boats must have a design date no newer than 4 years prior to the date of the competition.

  • The number of crew allowed is limited to the number of fixed berths on the boat (berths listed as 'doubles' count as 2 berths). Children under the age of 14 are not counted towards the crew limit.

  • No more than two Group 3 sailors are allowed and no Group 3 sailor is allowed to helm except in an emergency or unless they are at least a 50% owner of the boat.

  • No carbon or Cuban fibers are allowed. There is no material restriction for storm sails. No Code 0 sails are allowed.

  • Boats are limited to one new sail per year. Storm sails do not count towards this restriction.

  • The boats must be wet sailed with conventional bottom paint applied. Haul outs are limited to two per year. Bottom cleaning by diving is allowed within the spirit of the rule.

  • All normally installed equipment including doors, tables, stoves, head equipment, floorboards, cushions, etc. must be carried in their normal position while sailing.

  • Boats must have an upwind 100% Sail Area to displacement less than 24.0 and a downwind Sail Area to Displacement less than 65 using the largest spinnaker.

  • Boats must have a valid PHRF of the Chesapeake handicap. This may be converted to a TCF (Time Correction Factor) and used to calculate a corrected time using a timeon-time formula when sailing in the PHRF Corinthian Class as noted in the Sailing Instructions. When sailing in 'pursuit' type races (where the handicap allowance is taken before the start), PHRF time-on-distance scoring will be used.

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