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Class Splits for 2020 Race Season
Email Sent: January 12, 2020

Ahoy PHRF of the Chesapeake Fleet!

In our newsletter we mentioned the delegate discussion on class splits. Please tell your delegate (or or your preference for class splits:

A - Should we leave the splits unchanged from the 2019 season?

B - Should we adjust the splits to A=up to 99, B=100-146, C=147 and up

C - Should we merge B&C classes adjusting splits to: A=up to 99 B=100 and up




NOTE: For Southern Chesapeake Bay 2020 PHRF members, the following is provided by your handicapper:

We, the PHRF delegates of the Southern Chesapeake Bay (Region IVS), need your input on the Class Splits for 2020. Every year PHRF of the Chesapeake allows clubs staging races ('Organizing Authorities') in a given Region (we are Region IV South) to set the Class Splits for High Point Scoring. Thus, please give us your input using the link below by 20 January: Thanks for helping sailboat racing in the southern Chesapeake Bay _______________________ Since we need responses by 20 January, the sooner we can get this sent out the better.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter,


Greg Cutter

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