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Sport Boat Class for PHRF of the Chesapeake

Beginning in 1998, PHRF approved a Sport Boat class for region 3AW only. In 2010, the Sport Boat class is expanded for regions I-III, and the criteria for Sport Boats is changed as below. For 2012, the S/D values have been updated to reflect changes in how PHRF calculates S/D. The PHRF Board of Handicappers have the final determination of whether a boat should be listed as "SB" or not. Boats designated by PHRF of the Chesapeake as "SB" shall sail in the Sport Boat Class, when offered by the Race Instructions. Our Sport Boat criteria are as follows.

1. All boats < 37 ft LOA, with upwind S/D > 30, using an asymmetrical spinnaker, or

2. All boats < 37 ft LOA, with upwind S/D > 34, regardless of type of spinnaker used, or

3. All boats < 37 ft LOA, with downwind S/D > 80.

Boats determined to be a Sport Boat by PHRF will be designated as 'SB'on their current Valid Certificate and on the official PHRF Valid Listing.

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