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September Mainsheet Newsletter
Email Sent: September 18, 2017


My apologies for the delay in Mainsheet newsletters. We will get this out more frequently with more current information from our Delegates, Handicapping Boards and your elected representatives of our Executive Board.

Welcome to all of our NEW members and Welcome Back to all of our renewals!

The 2017 racing season has brought on the largest growth spurt in membership that we've seen in a while.  We are now 900+ strong.  Help us continue out fleet's growth and demonstrate the size of our membership through race event participation.

High Point/Championships are coming to a close!

We only have two months left in the PHRF championships.  Now is the time to double down on participation, bring up your percentages and make your move to the top of our High Point standings. 

US Offshore Championships

Three of our PHRF members will be racing for the Lloyd Phoenix Trophy in the US Offshore Championships next week.  Congratulations to Jereboam, Crocodile and Nanuq.  Sail Fast!

Very Busy Year for Handicapping

Our Executive Secretary and Handicapping Boards have been extremely busy working on ratings for new boats, appeals and modifications.  Your volunteer workforce has spent hundreds of hours pouring through measurement and performance data, race results and observed performance information to rate dozens of new type/model/series/configuration yachts.  Many of these have been yachts that have never been rated in our area and some have never been rated by any handicapping system.  We all owe a debt of gratitude to our handicapping boards who have done their best to accommodate an increasing number of last minute certificate requests in what is still a very hands-on certificate generation process.


We finally got our new website online!  With the pace of handicapping and certificate generation activities we have not had the bandwidth to transfer our handicap and membership database to the new website. We expect to have everything imported and operational on the new system after our normal race season concludes in October. Sorry for the delay.


We were only able to get a draft of the yearbook partially staffed.  It is available on our website for your review and comment.  I promise we will have the 2018 yearbook available for download this coming January.   


We never got the feedback and input from our memberships nor our delegates on projected participation.  We are the only fleet in the Bay that does not help race organizers with some forecast on participation.  This makes it very difficult for clubs to plan ahead for race management, awards and après race festivities.  Let's make a concerted effort to review the race schedule this winter and provide some projections for next year's participation.   


Now is the time to provide suggested changes to our policies, by-laws, etc to your club delegates and assigned handicappers.  It's also the time to let us know if you have the time to volunteer to help us in 2018.  Our agenda for the November annual delegates meeting has to be published one month in advance.  Please get your input in by 22 September so that Glenn has time to create the agenda and get it out before 4 October. We need your input to help improve your fleet..


Thank you for working with us to improve your fleet and promote our sport!! See you on the racecourse. 

Marc Briere

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