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PHRF Cruising Class Request for Information/Input
Email Sent: October 4, 2017

Greetings once again from your local PHRF Fleet!

PHRF of the Chesapeake is looking into ways we can increase participation of Cruising Yachts in PHRF handicap racing in your events.  We realize our Corinthian Class was not well received and was not adopted as well as we had hoped.   The goal for a PHRF Cruising Class is to have separate "cruising certificates" that can only be used for Cruising Class events limited to true cruising yachts.   We need your ideas and input on how you think we should maintain the integrity of a cruising class so that it doesn't become a fertile hunting ground for racers on racer-cruiser yachts who want to improve their trophy count.  I know your suggestions are based on lessons learned through the planning, marketing and management of successful events that included Cruising yachts and crews. I will combine responses to this request for information / input and work and report back to this email list on the results.  I will also work with our Board of Delegates and Handicapping Boards to develop a class structure, requirements and handicapping consideration for true Cruising Yachts that includes many of the ideas, concepts and approaches you've proven to be successful.

Thank you in advance for your input to revamping and revitalizing a PHRF Cruising Class.




Marc R. Briere


PHRF of the Chesapeake

(301) 904-5141


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