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Renewal Rush
Email Sent: March 19, 2019

Ahoy PHRF members!

Spring is in the air. The sea is calling us. Our boats are slowly waking from their long winter's nap and our crews can't wait to get out on the water. This is a busy time of preparation and some of us haven't recovered from that lost hour of sleep not very long ago.

On behalf of your all volunteer fleet management team, Happy New Race Season! Your fleet executive board and I are working closely with your handicapping boards and our certificate system to make sure everyone has their valid certificate before the 2019 race season starts in just under a month.

Last year we had an active membership of just under 1000 members. Last year we issued 660 certs. Of those, 200 were one year certs and 460 were 2 year certs. Right now we are a couple of hundred certificate renewals short of expectations. If you, your dockmates or fellow club members have been caught up in the spring fever preparations for the 2019 season, please take a few minutes to login to the certificate system and renew soon so that we can get all the certificates issued and the valid list updated for your first races. Thank you for your membership.

See you on the racecourse.


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