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Rating Appeals Update
Email Sent: March 30, 2019

Ahoy PHRF Fleet Members,

Your Fleet Handicapping Boards have been staffing several rating appeals so far this year. This email blast is a reminder to check the Rating Appeal page so you can be aware of your or your competitors' rating appeals. When they are submitted, appeals get two readings from the regional board. The first reading is preliminary based on the appeal data and initial comparative analysis with observed performance data available to your handicapping boards. The period between the first and second reading allows for additional analysis and input from the second handicapping board.

Although it can seem like a long time between appeal submission and decision, the period between submission and second reading decision includes a couple of weeks for the competitors to provide information to the handicapping boards regarding the appeals of your fleet and within your class. We appreciate all objective input.

Please visit the Rating section of our Fleet's website and review the Appeals under consideration.

Thank You!!!

Your Handicapping Boards

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