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Ratings Overview


Performance Handicap Racing Fleet (PHRF) ratings are based on the speed potential of the boat, determined as far as possible on observations of previous racing experiences. It is the intent of PHRF handicapping that any well equipped, well maintained, and well sailed boat has a good chance of winning. Handicaps are adjusted as needed on the boat's performance so that each well sailed boat has an equal opportunity to win. This is the fundamental concept. PHRF ratings are not intended to reflect skipper and crew capability. Ratings are not adjusted to encourage a poor or careless skipper, and conversely, no rating adjustment is made to penalize proficiency. Intensity of competition and the influx of new and aggressive sailors require each skipper to maintain consistently high performance in order to place well.

PHRF ratings are expressed in seconds per mile to be deducted from elapsed time to produce corrected times. The higher rating indicates the slower boat. PHRF time allowances are not related to other systems.

PHRF assumes that a boat is equipped to race. It does not attempt to rate a partially equipped boat, or a boat which differs from others in its class, in that it is unusually heavy, out of balance, or has unusual windage (as from a dingy on davits). However, if the basic hull and rig differ from others in its class, it will, of course, be rated uniquely. PHRF of the Chesapeake does not rate boats using both symmetrical and asymmetrical spinnakers at the same time. A choice of asymmetrical, symmetrical, or both types of spinnaker shall be made at time of application or renewal and may be changed once during the sanctioned racing season.See Standard Sail and Equipment Specifications

It is the responsibility of Organizing Authority (OA) or the Race Committee (RC) to set forth in the events Notice of Race (NOR) or Sailing Instructions(SI) the appropriate Safety Standard for the local race and weather conditions. The final burden and responsibility for safety rests on the skipper of each yacht.

A Yacht with a Cruising Class certificate can race under that certificate in a regular PHRF Class. However a Yacht with a regular PHRF certificate cannot race under that certificate in a Cruising Class because the OA have no way of determining if the yacht complies with the additional Cruising Class requirements especially Sail Area to Displacement and sail material construction.

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