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Handicapper Policies


a. Handicappers meet monthly during the sailing season. The board will do its best to provide handicaps in an expeditious manner, however if the boat is new, has an unusual set of modifications, or has not been handicapped previously on the Chesapeake, it is probable that it will need to be discussed at the next meeting.

b. It is requested that all appeals or communications with the board, reach the board no less than five business days before the scheduled meeting of the appropriate board. This will enable the business to be distributed to the board and be researched by the handicappers prior to the actual meeting.

c. Handicappers do not vote on their own boat and do not participate in a discussion of their own boat.

d. Handicappers will not vote on a boat in their own class that is in their region.

e. The Chief Handicapper does not vote except in the case of breaking a tie.

f. The Board of Handicappers reserves the right to not offer pre-application opinions on what a rating might be or what the effect of a configuration change on a rating might be. Pre-application opinions are just that, opinions until an actual application or change is received. In asking the Board for an opinion, the request should be made in writing. The more precise the information provided in asking for the opinion, the more refined the opinion offered by the Board will be.

g. If the board changes a rating based upon an appeal, it is expected that the boat will sail at least five races against other boats with a valid rating before the board re-considers another appeal for a rating change.

h. The board will not accept weight related appeals unless the appeal is accompanied by a measurement that has occurred using a calibrated scale. Travel lift pressure gauges are not acceptable as they are greatly variable and have proven not to be accurate.

i. Newly handicapped boats are subject to an administrative change in rating for up to two board meetings after the initial rating is issued. After that period the Handicappers will initiate a Handicappers appeal to change the rating.

j. The board welcomes a boat owner to discuss their rating concerns with the handicapper for their boat or with the Chief Handicapper.

k. The handicapping process is as follows:

1) For a new boat, the board (Northern Bay or Southern Bay) where the boat is located will initially assign a rating. This rating will be shared with the other board for conformation.

2) For an appeal, the board (Northern Bay or Southern Bay) where the boat is located will decide if the appeal is accepted. If accepted, the new rating will be sent to the other board for confirmation. If confirmed, it will be sent back to the original board for the second reading. If the proposed rating is confirmed by the original board, the rating certificate will be revised to reflect the change.

l. The Handicapper Board meetings are closed to boat owners. This means that owners will present information in writing to the board and shall not be entitled to attend the meetings. The meetings are open to all handicappers and officers of PHRF of the Chesapeake.

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