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Regional Rating Appeal Process

To Appeal a Rating

The rating for your boat, or for a competitor, may be appealed. To initiate the process, download a copy of the PHRF Appeal Form. Complete ALL of the required sections and mail to the PHRF office or your area handicapper, with any other information you choose to include to support your appeal.

Rating appeals will not be reviewed by the Board of Handicappers without the completed PHRF Appeal Form. It may take six to eight weeks for an appeal to be decided. An appeal for a northern bay boat will have a first reading by the northern bay handicappers, and then it is sent to the southern bay handicappers for a second reading. Appeals for southern bay boats will have a first reading by the southern bay handicappers, and then a second reading by the northern bay handicappers. If both boards are in agreement on their decision, then the appeal will be finalized and posted on the website.

The PHRF Appeal Form is also included with the PHRF Yearbook, or may be obtained from the PHRF Office by calling 443-699-0868, or sending a request to PHRF office address.
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